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A New Beginning

StevenBertonazzi_600Hello, I am Steve Bertonazzi. I am a seminarian in my first year at Immaculate Conception Seminary at Seton Hall University. I am in the Pre-theology 1 class. I have thought about the priesthood since I was in seventh grade. I had been an altar server for three years at that point and continued to serve until I was twenty-four years old. I have always enjoyed serving at the altar and I love the beauty of the Liturgy. I had served most recently in my parish of St. Padre Pio as a reader, extraordinary minister of the Eucharist and as a member of the choir. I have felt my faith deepen over the years and have finally entered the seminary this year at the age of thirty-nine. The adjustment has been a big one but I am settling in to the routine. I am taking four classes this semester and am doing well in each of them. I especially enjoy my class in New Testament Greek. I found it challenging at first trying to get in to the routine of classes and homework and being away from home. However, I have found God’s grace in the support I have received from my professors and formators. There are always people ready to help you and I have adjusted well over the first few months.

Life in the seminary takes a little getting used to but I am enjoying it. We have Mass every day as well as morning prayer and evening prayer. There are opportunities for the Rosary with guys who want to pray it. All of the other guys here have been very welcoming and friendly. I have two jobs in the house which I enjoy. I am a member of the choir and serve as one of the Tuesday sacristans. I am learning a lot as a sacristan and know that it will be helpful to me as a future priest.

Another important aspect here at the seminary is the opportunity for the Sacrament of Reconciliation twice a week. It is also available upon request with one’s spiritual director for instance. I believe that it is a sacrament that enough people do not take advantage of. I don’t think they understand the graces that are present in the confessional. Christ gave the power to forgive sins to His Church through the person of the priest. It is a great healing moment to hear the words of absolution and to receive the consolation of the Holy Spirit that you can start new with God and His Church.

I am happy with the decision I have made and hope to continue to grow in my love of Christ. I am more aware of Christ’s presence in my life and pray that He will continue to guide me in my discernment. Please continue to pray that more young men will have the courage to answer the call that Christ has planted in their hearts.

Steven Bertonazzi

Steven Bertonazzi

2nd Theology
Steven Bertonazzi attends Immaculate Conception Seminary at Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ.
Steven Bertonazzi

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