Paul Abbruscato

Age 34
Parish The Parish of Saint Monica, Atlantic City
High School Atlantic City High School
Year in Seminary 3rd Theology
Seminary The Pontifical North American College in Rome, Italy.
Journey of Faith Blog Posts Paul Abbruscato

Hobbies/Interests: Surfing, reading, golfing, chess, and I like relaxing at the beach.

What were you doing prior to entering the seminary? Working in the Restaurant/Bartending

What influenced your decision to enter the seminary? Well, to start I am a convert to the faith. I became catholic in 2008, I was baptized, confirmed, and received the Blessed Sacrament for the first time. When I first entered the Church the priesthood had an appeal, but I didn’t really think too much about it. As I practiced the faith and journeyed with Christ, I shared the truth with others often and found a profound interest in studying the faith. I started thinking about religious life after talking with a girl about love and responsibility by Pope John Paul II. I began to look into monastic life and talked to my Father about it. In the process my father gave me a pamphlet for a discernment group for the priesthood. Listening to my father’s instructions I went and felt this sense of peace and joy which I knew was from the LORD! So I went forth only to be late and did not get in the first time. After that I went back to work as a bartender and as time flies a year and a half went by. Then after practicing my faith to the best of my ability and studying it all the more I signed up for the discernment group once more. This time everything went smoothly as if the wind was at my back. Upon entering there was a retreat for the seminarians and I felt this deep peace and joy! Now here I am in the seminary and I love it!

Short explanation of life in the seminary: The highlights of the seminary are first: deepening your relationship with the LORD, Second: the community is a great group of guys from all over which also have a deep love for our LORD, and Thirdly: the scholarly program is full of interesting subjects which leave you in astonishment!

Advice to other young men considering the priesthood: Do not be half-hearted if you enter, but be willing to give God all of you, letting him be your strength and your Rock of salvation!