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iRace4Vocations: A Gathering of Easter Hope

As the Easter season continues on, one theme that I have been reflecting on quite a bit is the idea of hope. As a result of Jesus dying and rising from the dead, all of us have hope for the future. No matter how bad things may seem here on earth, we know that eventually we will be with Christ for eternity in heaven, for he has redeemed us. As we go about our daily lives, it often seems that there is nothing left to hope for. Everywhere we look there is violence, persecution and discrimination. We also live in a culture that is becoming increasingly contrary to Christian values. Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia says in his book Strangers in a Strange Land that “the Christian life is a dangerous wager. But as believers, we know it’s a wager worth making. Because we’ve received the love of God, because Jesus did rise from the dead, and because he wants us to live with him now and forever in heaven, our hope won’t be disappointed. So it is that hope enables us to risk what we have for Jesus, even in a world that grows more hostile by the day.” Jesus truly is risen, and therefore it is our duty to bear witness to his resurrection by sharing our hope with others.

Our diocese just celebrated our 6th annual iRace4Vocations. During the Mass with Bishop Sullivan at iRace4Vocations, I was overcome with a sense of great joy and consolation. Seeing all those people coming together to pray for more vocations to the priesthood and religious life in our diocese helped to reinvigorate me with the hope of the resurrection. Being a seminarian can be very difficult sometimes, especially now during finals season. But knowing that we have so many people who are praying for us and that care for us fills me with strength and gratitude. All those people at iRace4Vocations were bearing witness to the Risen Christ, and showing that they are filled with Easter joy and hope. Thank you to all who participated at iRace4Vocations this year, and all who work to support vocations in any way. It is by your witness that Christ is made known in the world, and we can share the hope of the resurrection with all that we meet.

Stephen Robbins

Stephen Robbins

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Stephen Robbins attends Saint Joseph's Seminary in Yonkers, NY.
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