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My Greatest Example

First of all, I extend a respectful and warm greeting in Christ Jesus and the Exalted Queen of Heaven to you and your respected families. I want to start by saying that it is an honor for me to make known something about myself and my experience in Christ. I must begin by saying that this blog is going to address the most beautiful woman who placed me into the arms of my faithful, loving Jesus. The woman of whom I speak is the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Before beginning my process of discerning a possible vocation to the Catholic Priesthood, I had always had an incessant love for the Excellent Queen of Heaven, who filled with Grace, gave me the first example in following the mad love of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Great Queen of Heaven always had confidence in God’s perfect plan and she gave herself to the complete service of her neighbor. Above all, she carried in silence and love, the cross that God asked of her.

In the first instance, the Blessed Virgin Mary always followed the perfect plan of God the Father, giving her yes to the supreme Fiat of the Father and thus allowing the fulfillment of His will to give us the redemption of the world through the Immolated Lamb. This example is not only in the greatest of things, but her yes also showed itself in the small, difficult things in life. Her example shows me that it is not necessary to understand everything about God’s plan in our lives but on the contrary, we must be willing with a trusting heart to follow the plan of God the Father with prayer and discernment. We are his children and he loves us. He definitely knows what is best for each one of us.

Another great example of Our Lady’s love was her service to her cousin Elizabeth, who was with child and after the announcement of the Angel; Our Mother was called to the service of her cousin who needed her. I think it is necessary to be filled with love in order to serve those who need it the most, regardless of our own condition. The Virgin Mary went to serve, leaving aside her own concern and the danger that it entailed. She understood the need to bring the Good News to another and to serve those who needed it most.

The ability to love in silence in all the circumstances and moments of life, are shown in the strongest and most difficult moments in the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, for me, is the greatest example that a Christian can follow. We must do so without fearing being close to the Cross of Jesus. Jesus himself reminds us that the Cross hurts even if it breaks our bones. (Matthew 16:24). The Virgin helps us to be strong when carrying our own crosses despite the pain.

My great example in everything has always been the Excellent Queen of Heaven, the Most Holy Mary. Now that I am in the seminary, preparing to give my whole life to the service of Our Highest Good, I ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to teach me to receive Jesus every day as she did, in love, humility, charity and obedience.

I thank you in advance for the attention you gave me. God bless you.
Cordially in Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Exalted Queen of the Holy Angels.
Cesar Pirateque Serrano

Cesar Pirateque

Cesar Pirateque

1st Theology
Cesar Pirateque attends Immaculate Conception Seminary at Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ.
Cesar Pirateque

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