With Jesus, Doing the Father’s Will

As I am about to finish my first year of formation at Immaculate Conception Seminary, I verbalize from my heart a profound feeling of gratitude to God. In diverse ways God has been providential and clear with regard to my vocation. This fact is rooted mainly in those prayerful and meaningful signs present throughout my life, especially through those events where God invites me to live in His Love, specifically, through the gift of my vocation. Nevertheless, I realized that there is no other way to discern God’s will, except through a very deep contact with Jesus in prayer. Such a need for prayer arises when we are not able to discern our life by ourselves. It is in prayer where we are capable of both finding a true meaning of our particular circumstances and placing Jesus Christ as the foundation of our lives.

Thus, by reflecting on my past in prayer, I realize where my desire for becoming a priest became stronger. Certainly, although at the beginning I was not aware of this gift’s greatness, Jesus as the vine grower was already cultivating my vocation in my heart. It is at this point where I am able to recognize that God is the One who calls and puts this noble desire in my heart instead of me. Despite the great gifts I have received through my short journey as a professional, I have never experienced such a joy and indescribable happiness in my heart until that moment in which I accepted the call of God to the Holy Ministry. Well said St. Agustin: “Our Heart is restless, until they can find rest in you”. In this way I illustrate the journey of discernment in which God in His merciful and loving care, has called me by name. More than ever, we all are called to be sources of faith and hope, through the contemplation of the perfect discipleship of the Virgin Mary, in whom we find an ideal example of sacrifice, love, pureness and service.

May we grow as instruments of Christ, being able to reflect to others His infinite Love, especially, through the exceptional and maternal example of His Blessed Mother. Likewise, may our diocese be nourished with many prayerful and holy vocations to the priesthood in times to come.

Ricardo Lozano Cruz

Ricardo Lozano Cruz

2nd Pre-Theology
Ricardo Lozano Cruz attends Immaculate Conception Seminary at Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ.
Ricardo Lozano Cruz

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