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Centered on God

In this short life, which the psalmist understood correctly in saying it is like the grass of the field that sprouts, flourishes, and then we are no more (Ps.103:15), is one reason we should stay close to God’s Altar where the Bread of Eternal life is offered (John 6:35).

The Altar in the Old Covenant was a place of sacrifice for sin and a memorial of that encounter with God that faithful persons experienced. The Altar was also a place to invoke God’s name for prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance, and other eternal virtues in this life which lead us into His ‘eternal presence’… In the Old Covenant the Altars were built to the LORD in certain places where they encountered God (Gen. 12:6-9) in their lives and because they were literally saved by the Eternal One through his active power in time (Ex. 14:40)… These Altars gave the faithful a locality to center their lives on the Logos.

Now in the coming of the Messianic Age the Christ states ‘I have not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it” (Mat. 5:17), and in fulfilling the law in the New Covenant of His blood (Mat.26:28), an Altar is built in honor of the reality of God’s presence in the world… At the Altar it is right and just to make a sacrifice of a contrite and humble heart, which is pleasing to the LORD, for it is a realness of self before the Almighty (Psalms 51:17). Hence the Altar is where God makes himself known, and by his divine love sustains the Church in her troubles, in her failures, in her doubts… leading her onward in faith… leading her onward in her weakness, with His divine strength…

Paul Abbruscato

Paul Abbruscato

Pastoral Year
Paul Abbruscato is on Pastoral Year serving at Notre Dame de la Mer, Wildwood.
Paul Abbruscato

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