To Remember

To remember is something we do when we recall something or someone in our minds; and the memory gives us a vivid image of the past. Recollection is important in almost everything we do in our lives, whether it is teaching, working, taking a test, or just simply relating to a special person or moment in our life.

In recalling Sacred Scripture, we read about Abraham in the first stages of salvation history. In these passages, we recall how God entered into a Sacred Covenant with Abraham. Even today, it is a memory cherished by the Israelite community because it displays God’s direct interaction with His people in a specific time and place. This Covenant is remembered for it is a promise God made. Year after year, they remember…

Also, this Covenant leads us directly into the words Jesus spoke, “Abraham, your father rejoiced to see my day; he saw it and was glad.” We acknowledge that Jesus, the Messiah, is the fulfillment of a promise made to Israel, of God remembering His people.

We also remember what our Holy Mother proclaims to us,
“He has come to the help of His servant Israel,
For He has remembered His promise of mercy,
The promise He made to our fathers,
To Abraham and His children forever.”

And we recall with Holy Eucharist, when we “do this in remembrance of Him,” God displays His remembrance of us. He never forgets us; we are always the focal point of His love.

Paul Abbruscato

Paul Abbruscato

3rd Theology
Paul Abbruscato attends The Pontifical North American College in Rome, Italy.
Paul Abbruscato

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